The Right People
in IT

We are a startup community of entrepreneurs and professionals helping each other in IT, marketing, design, and management.

There Are 8 Thousand of Us

We help IT entrepreneurs solve problems with help from their colleagues

Our community is a place where we can learn from each other

Our strength is in providing specialists who have experience applicable to your request. We can do this thanks to the wide range of experience of our community members, the hand-picked people who are ready to help, and our algorithm that matches the experts to the requests.

We are looking for people in the IT industry who can help: from interns and dedicated specialists to investors. Fill out our questionnaire, and we will suggest contacts that are just right for you.
People who build technology-savvy business from San Francisco to Tokyo

The Core of the Community Are the Founders

Entrepreneurs and managers come to us to bring their startups up to full strength. We help them find partners, employees, and interns. If something does not work out with that person, our algorithm helps them find someone else.

If you need to announce your product, you can find anyone you need in the community: from early adopters to media personalities who will share their opinion of your product with their audience.
If you want to join the community, please submit a request

How Does It Work?

Large corporate employees, who have reached the top in their careers, are interested in the community. They look at the IT industry as an extension of their career, but they do not know enough to get in it. We find mentors for them who tell them about switching to a new industry, as well as people with the right type of positive experience, who help them remove irrational fears.

For those who want to begin their own startup, we help to find people with ideas or teams who are happy to take on one more founder or work on someone else’s idea.

Community Services

Video Consulting

Algorithmic match of the right person to your request, where you can have a video consultation at a convenient time.


Use the answers already there or ask a question and get an answer by text. We have a Telegram chat for a quick exchange of ideas or answers to questions.


Publish tasks and outsource them to freelancers.


Schedule meetings, mark your free time on the calendar for new contact, and invite new participants.

Random Contacts

You can select an incoming call from a random participant for 15 minutes. Randominity is not accidental, so if your vis-à-vis turns out to be useful, you can notify the platform that you want to continue talking to them.


Our service collects data and finds information about open transactions on the venture market to keep you up-to-date about changes on the market.

Information Support

We understand just how important it is to get support and feedback from your colleagues at the stage of product launch.

B2B Pilot

We are always in touch with corporations who are ready to pilot implementation of new products by community members.


There are business angels and scouts in the community. They compete among themselves and thus contact community members.


ПWe help to find first-rate employees for upcoming projects: from interns to C-level executives.

Entrepreneur experts can help you discover limitations and find your business growth zones

Perfect Space for Startups

People who contact us are those who work on their own business and want to look at it critically, as a stranger would.

Joining the Community

Since day one, we have been keeping track of the atmosphere in the community. All our members are open, friendly, and ready for new contacts. It is a requirement, so that a person who joins the community or comes for help does not feel vulnerable.

None of the following are welcome in the community: disrespectful treatment of other community members, political arguments, discussions of conspiracy theories, meaningless or ill-natured comments.


It takes 5-7 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.
Once you submit it, you get access to CoFounder and your first free consultation on any request.

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